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Entry #2

ooooooh boy

2017-05-19 02:52:18 by BraydenGD

Thanks to Zophar for scouting me. IDK if RobTop needs to approve my audio to be usable in GD, but if you find my music isnt usable in GD yet, it's because RobTop didn't approve it (if that's even possible). I always enable my music to be used in GD.


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2017-05-19 04:28:29

Only way to do so is to actually contact RobTop. Twitter, PM on other media (but I wouldn't recommend NG PM; he hardly responds there).

(Updated ) BraydenGD responds:

Can you send me the links via PM? I wanna stalk him so he can approve of my song. I would be more than happy to see my music used in levels. I have twitter, send me that first.