Entry #1

hey im here

2017-05-10 05:20:24 by BraydenGD

ayy b0ss, y0u f0und mah pr0file.

I'm basically an artist and/or song musician, I am still learning this so I might do the rights and wrongs here and there, but I'm like, uhh, a few months on here and need to learn stuff about NG, so I might get confused about the special events on NG or crap like that.


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2017-05-10 20:30:27

Okay man! Welcome to a place of awesomeness!

BraydenGD responds:

Thank you <3


2017-06-14 02:57:59

Hey, you've officially been here a month! One down, however many until the internet apocalypse to go, lol. I've been seeing you around the AP forum and reporting stolen stuff for GD, which is pretty sweet usually. Last post I saw was reporting your own song though. Not sure why someone would do that. Anyway, welcome to the community. I won't tell you to stay out of trouble, but I will take interviews and questionnaires. :P

(Updated ) BraydenGD responds:

Lol you actually did see that post. xD. I reported my own song as a joke, We all need to joke someday every now and there.

You are correct. I did find that bullseye song (not my one, the one published by sebatian something) off GD.

Thanks for the post :)


2017-06-24 03:24:38

Hey, I tried to answer your question best I could in AP Cleanup. Let me know if you still have questions!

BraydenGD responds:

Sure thing m8 :)