2017-08-03 22:49:51 by BraydenGD

I posted a song yesterday, and I got two hate reviews overnight. I'm trying, what do the haters expect people to do? Be perfect? No. Dont pressure people, because that got me sad. IDK whether to quit music, or keep going.


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2017-08-04 01:25:28

Oh you poor baby... Some advice. Grow a pair. And make music if you enjoy doing it. It shouldn't matter what people think. Make whatever the hell you want with a goal to improve. I haven't heard any of your shit but 2 reviews shouldn't stop you from doing whatever it is you're doing. This should be common sense?

BraydenGD responds:

lol ok ill keep doing it. hope to be as good as MDK but school is stopping me lol. That's why I rarely post audio. I'll repost the audio now so you can hear it.


2017-08-05 22:15:28

I uh, when I started only my dad would listen, now look at me now, keep doing something, and you will get better.