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2017-08-03 22:49:51 by BraydenGD

I posted a song yesterday, and I got two hate reviews overnight. I'm trying, what do the haters expect people to do? Be perfect? No. Dont pressure people, because that got me sad. IDK whether to quit music, or keep going.

New Artwork! (and it's sideways sorry D:)

2017-07-02 23:25:24 by BraydenGD

Hey guys, new artwork. I didnt post another one in a while, sorry. My dad got me a sketchbook and journal as an early birthday present, love you dad :3 (my birthday is 31 July, so dont forget to say happy birthday to me when it comes to that)

On that day, I traced a photo of Spongebob on his phone. I put a photo of spongebob under a page on my sketchbook and traced it. It was hard to do since the photo kept moving, and I had to realign the phone to the tracing. I then took a photo of it and uploaded it to Newgrounds via his phone. I took it sideways accidentally so I'm sorry if you have to move your head sideways to see the cool drawing. Hope someone scouts me soon so all my artworks can be presented to the world.





Heeeeey. What is a simple song I can remix, since im legit the worst musician ever atm?

I want to remix a song that is released by NCS/Argofox, like My Heart/Invincible/On And On

but I feel like I dont have the skills to remix those hard songs.



help me xD

hey im here

2017-05-10 05:20:24 by BraydenGD

ayy b0ss, y0u f0und mah pr0file.

I'm basically an artist and/or song musician, I am still learning this so I might do the rights and wrongs here and there, but I'm like, uhh, a few months on here and need to learn stuff about NG, so I might get confused about the special events on NG or crap like that.